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Grand Cayman Best BeachesGrand Cayman Best Beaches

Best Beaches Grand Cayman

Best Beaches Grand Cayman

Best beaches Grand Cayman by NomadInMe.

The best beaches in Grand Cayman are 7 Mile Beach, Smiths Cove, Surfers Beach, Rum Point, Kaibo, Starfish Point, Barefoot Beach, Spotts Beac, Cemetary Beach and Barkers.

The Caribbean island nations are widely known for their beaches and Grand Cayman is no exception. A spec in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, with Jamaica to the East and Cuba to the North, what makes Grand Cayman one of the most visited and popular Islands in the Caribbean? Its 160km’s of coastline may have something to do with it! Bellow, we will visit the top 10 best beaches in Grand Cayman. Including some of the better-known and some hidden gems. In addition, we will cover the pro’s and con’s, best times to visit and the best things to do in each area.

Best Beaches in Grand Cayman

7 Mile Beach

7 mile beach or SMB is a long white-sand crescent on the west side of Grand Cayman. Its has been regularly nominated and awarded as the best beach in the Caribbean. Due to its west-facing position the water is calm for a majority of the year, making it perfect for swimming or relaxing in the perfect white sand. and turquoise blue water.

Due to its positioning, it is home to many large hotels and condominiums and is the most popular area for both stay-over and cruise ship guests. As a result, you will find endless options for bars and restaurants. From quirky beach bars like Tiki Beach at the Kimpton Seafire. To fine dining restaurants such as Seven at The Ritz-Carlton.

7-mile beach is true perfection and all that is needed for a relaxing Caribbean beach vacation. If your not one for crowds or prefer to venture ‘off the beaten track’. Read on for more for fantastic Grand Cayman beaches.

Smiths Cove

Smiths Cove is a truly stunning white sand beach nestled in a limestone outcrop on South Sound. Just south of George Town, South Sound is home to many private villa rentals, dive shops and restaurants and is a favourite among locals. Due to its position, it has flat calm water for a majority of the year and some of the best shore-based snorkelling around. It also has several other coves to the east side. Meaning you can spend the day exploring the fish life and unusual coral-covered rock structures.

Smiths Cove is well known among locals, ex-pats and regular visitors as being one of the Best Beaches on Grand Cayman. As a result, it can get quite busy, especially around sunset. It is a popular location with photographers. Either photographing the sunset and scenery or couples and family portrait photography. Click here to view a Smiths Cove photoshoot with a local Grand Cayman photographer.

Surfers Beach

Surfers Beach is also known as Consuelo’s Beach. Is a short 5-minute drive east of Smiths Cove. Less popular but equally as beautiful. It is a hot spot for surfers and paddleboarders. On a certain swell direction its one of the few locations on the island that provides consistent, rideable waves.

When its calm it is another great location for snorkelling or just sitting back and enjoying the scenery. This is a great spot to escape the crowds a short drive from town. Again It is a popular location for photoshoots and small weddings/elopements. Here is a link to a local photographers Surfers Beach photoshoot.

Due to its positioning on certain wind directions the water can be a little rough and not ideal for swimming. Although all the more photogenic, with the waves crashing over the rocks on the shoreline!

Rum Point

Come and visit the ‘Island Side’ of Grand Cayman. A stark contrast from the busy 7 Mile Beach. Rum Point, found on the North Side of the island, in ‘Cayman Kai’ gives you a true island feel. Weave your way through the hammocks and palm trees and grab a rum punch or world-famous mudslide at the Wreck Bar and Grill.

Rum Point is home to a vast array of private villa rentals and attracts a different crowd. Many guests return year after year to their favourite villa and to soak up the easy-going, laid back vibes found only in Rum Point.

Often referred to as mini 7-mile beach, facing west looking over the North Sound. You can enjoy the soft white sand and shallow blue water. In addition, a wide array of watersports options are available from jet ski rental to stingray city trips. Just a short swim from the dock is one of the best snorkel spots on island. Dive flags and directions are available at the watersports office. Be aware rum point is a cruise ship destination, so the best time to visit is in the late afternoon/evening.


Head past Rum Point up Water Cay Road and you will find Kaibo. Flanked by high-end vacation rentals, Kaibo public beach features cabanas toilets and showers available for public use. Just around the corner, you will find the privately owned Kaibo beach bar and grill, complete with a small but busy mariner.

Kaibo beach bar and grill is comprised of two restaurants. Downstairs which is relaxed oceanfront dining. As well as the upstairs restaurant, reservation-only fine dining. This is a popular boat charter lunch stop and for good reason. The shallow protected cove is a great lunch or dinner stop. With friendly staff and a great atmosphere.

Due to its positioning, Kaibo is a great place to visit on a windy day and very popular with people staying in the area. Once again this area can be a little crowded during lunch time, normally slowing down once the boats leave. It has a great vibe in the evening with a beach bbq and live music once a week.

Starfish Point

Starfish point certainly lives up to its name. 5 minutes to the end of the road past Rum Point and Kaibo. You will come to sandy point covered in pine trees. In the shallow warm waters you can sometimes observe hundreds of starfish. West facing, its a great place to sit in the water with a cold beer and watch the sun go down.

The water around starfish point can be a little dirty so not the best place for snorkelling. Its is however a great place to observe the starfish and occasional stingray. Be aware the it is an offence to remove the star fish from the water.

Starfish Point is a popular stop-off point for the many charter boats operating in the North Sound, we recommend visiting early morning or late afternoon. Alternatively, if you walk around the point, it is often quieter, you can find your own little piece of beach, starfish are found in the entire area.

Barefoot Beach

Barefoot beach is a little known hidden gem. Located about midway along Queens Highway on the Northside of the island, its easily missed. You can often spend hours here and not see another person. A great place for relaxing in the shallow water or snorkelling the inside of the North Wall.

Queens highway is a coastal road that runs along the north east of the island. It is sparsely populated with a fantastic view of the rugged coast line. Where limestone cliffs fall into the turquoise lagoon. The area is not well sign posted but is a great place to explore.

Due to its location the water can be a little choppy particularly in the winter months during a northerly wind. These winds can also bring some seaweed and trash onto the beach. Catch it on a good day and you won’t want to leave!

Spotts Beach

Spotts Beach is certainly up there with the best beaches on Grand Cayman for snorkelling. This turtle nesting ground is a fantastic place to view turtles, both in the water and out. Located mid way between George Town and the Eastern districts. Its a must see and easily accessible when driving to and from the Rum Point / Kaibo area.

It is a relatively long, wide beach rarely crowded. With lots to see in the water, straight off the beach. For the non-swimmers in the group, the clean white sand makes a perfect setting for relaxing and sunbathing. Due to its south facing position, it can get rough with a southerly wind. But will be flat calm on a northerly, particularly in the winter months. Swimmers should be aware of strong currents and no lifeguards on duty.

Cemetery Beach

Cemetery Beach on the northern end of 7-mile is a great way of enjoying the perfection of 7-mile beach without the crowds. Heading north past the Kimpton at the beginning of West Bay and accessed through a cemetery. The shockingly white sand and turquoise waters of this part of the island are what dreams are made of.

Although perhaps not as secluded as the beaches over east. This area can’t be beaten for beauty. With flat calm waters almost year-round and a beautiful coral reef just off the shore, it has something for everyone. The beach itself is somewhat narrower than 7 mile with considerably more shade. This spot is a favourite among locals living in the West Bay area.


Barkers beach is about as remote a beach as you can find on Grand Cayman. Located at the very tip of West Bay, in the far north-western tip of the island. The beach runs parallel to Barkers national park, which consists of a number of tracks snaking through the mangrove’s.

This area is a popular spot with kite surfers where you can find Kitesurf Cayman. Its long stretch of remote coastline is surrounded by shallow turtle grass beds making it an ideal location to learn to Kitesurf. In addition, the shallow water is a great place for horse riding, offered by Coral Stone Stables.

Barkers is arguably the Best Beach on Grand Cayman to explore, escape the crowds and enjoy the natural rugged scenery. However, the shallow water and expanse of seagrass, mean its not the best place for snorkelling.

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