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Asia is home to the worlds highest peak, largest population, biggest landmass and greatest biodiversity. These just a few records held by this vast and dramatic continent. The cultural variety in this ancient land is something to behold. From the Buddhist temples of Northern Thailand to the ancient tribes in the tropical rainforests of Papua New Guinea.

Asia has some of the most breathtaking vacation destinations in the world. With such a large and varied coastline on offer, you could explore the continent of Asia for a lifetime and still not even scratch the surface From the luxury bungalows hanging over the crystal clear waters of the Maldives. To hiking the wild and unexplored rainforests of Burma. There truly is something for everyone. This is reflected in Asia’s huge and varied tourism industry.

Asia seems far too vast and varied to refer to as a single body. It is, without doubt, the most varied continent with regards to wildlife, landscape and culture. The largest empire to have ever existed, the Mongol empire was found here. Ghengis Khan’s empire stretched from the Mediterranean Atlantic coastline all the way to the Asia Pacific region. Browse through the articles in this category to find out which part of this huge continent best suits your wants and needs.

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Swim With Whales

Swim with whales by NomadInMe. Swimming with whales is a life-changing experience but may not be for everyone. The best places to swim with whales are Tonga, Australia, Dominica, Silver Banks, French Polynesia and Norway. Read more to learn more about the best places in the world to swim...